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Approximate budget per person £4000 - £25000+
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Approximate budget per person £4000 - £25000+
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Continually exploring and designing new ways for people to experience wildlife and wild places

Like mankind, Journeysmiths’ roots are in Africa. 32 years ago John Burdett and Warwick Hoffman, the original Journeysmiths, founded Africa Exclusive. They were, and still are fired by a passion to show clients the wild world they love, in privacy and comfort. Today a family of Journeysmiths sharing their DNA and this driving passion arranges the finest possible holidays to amazing places across five continents.

Each year 70% of the holidays we arrange are for our returning clients and their friends. Yet we welcome new clients with open arms and would love for you to join them.

A word about money.
Our prices are fair and represent outstanding value for money – thousands of satisfied clients agree! We are regulated and you are financially protected by ATOL. We also voluntarily maintain an insurance based client protection policy through TOPP. Ask if you would like further details.

A word about giving back. Each year we donate substantial sums to charity, notably Send a Cow who carry out amazing work training African families to be successful, self-sufficient small farmers. We are also proud to be in dynamic partnership with people worldwide who are committed to conserving our amazing planet and its wildlife.
Your time is precious and with a world to see, we understand the importance of getting it absolutely right for you first time. We would love to hear from you.
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USA: +1-866-871-3829
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Warwick Hoffman

I started my career in the travel industry as a wide eyed 17 year old and immediately fell in love. Travelling the world has defined my entire life and I cannot imagine a day without the anticipation of the next exciting journey to a far flung corner of our wonderful world!

John Burdett

Returning to Britain overland in the 1970s after a couple of years voluntary work in the South Pacific instilled my love of places and peoples. Walk slowly, pause frequently and be thankful is my advice, whether your sun rises over the South Luangwa, Machu Picchu or Varanasi.

Laura Burdett-Munns

Passionate and determined sums me up pretty well. Riding an elephant beside the Zambezi at 14 ignited my love affair with wildlife in wild places - and it just keeps growing. Since then, this amazing travel company which my family set up has been in my blood. I'm determined to keep driving it forwards so that you too can experience and help protect the wonders of our natural world.

Paul Hawley

Having an elephant feel for seedpods on my foot, its tusk inches from my face, was my first (and still closest!) wildlife encounter. Ever since, whether tracking tigers in India or canoeing past hippo in Zambia, spectacular experiences like these have only enriched and deepened my love for our unique planet.

Ross Cambray

From frolicking with lemurs in Madagascar, to strolling around Cape Town, to trekking in the Himalayas, to traversing Russia by train in winter, I love adventure, I love travel, I love new experiences – and I love working with clients to create their own unique journeys and amazing memories.

Emily Lowther

Up close encounters with the elephants of Botswana and discovering the gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest are among the astonishing experiences that fuel my fascination for the worlds wilderness and wildlife. Ensuring my clients uncover their own marvels is an essential aspect when creating their adventures.